Rewriting my book of life | Introduction

In this world we dictate our lives. I believe that we write our own stories, and that all that blaming things to fate is all loads of bull. In my experiences I’ve grown to realize that everything that happens is part of a chain reaction that we ourselves started, fate had nothing to do with it. Our lives is like a book and we’re the author of that book. We can choose how the story goes and if we don’t like how it ends up then we can erase it and start again on a blank page.

My name is Albert, I’m currently 15 and I live in the Philippines. I stopped writing and reading not so long ago due to many unacceptable reasons. I realize that I’m just making excuses to shadow my laziness. Actually looking back I guess the subconscious reason is because of my change in lifestyle. Ever since I switched to using my laptop, lost my headset and practically stopped listening to music for a long time. That really ruined my mindset. One thing I like to do is to do my best to live life without regrets. I tend to think of all the lessons and silver linings every time something bad happens, but I feel like somethings just not right.

I’m sorry if what I’m saying might be a bit confusing. Because it is, it’s a really confusing feeling that I just couldn’t find the right words. That is when I realized that there is something I have to change. I’ve realized I was becoming worse. I’ve been so full of myself but in reality I had nothing. I forgot to appreciate the small things and I always focused on the big picture setting aside small things. That’s not who I am, I always told myself before to appreciate small things because that’s where compassion starts. So I told myself, I’m going to start a new. This blog will be the first step to the transcendence of my heart and soul. So that I will once again see the beauty of life in everything around me.

I will erase the mistakes I’ve made and rewrite my book of life. I will rewrite it into something even greater, something purer, I will rewrite it into something beautiful. I will train myself everyday to become a better person so that one day I would have something to be proud of. It’s going to be a long road but I want you guys to experience it with me. I left my old blog and started this new one as a symbol of purity and starting a new, to be able to let go of my past memories and to create new memories in a journey I want you guys to be with me in.

Thanks for reading guys. Follow me on my journey into something greater and let’s enjoy life’s greatest gifts together. Don’t forget to leave a like if you like what you’ve read or share if you want other people to be inspired.

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