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In every step we take time, moves forward. Everything around us is in continues motion. We can never stop a moment even if we wanted. Time is a very valuable thing, yet it’s something we usually waste a lot. Playing games, reading a book, everything we do takes time. We choose how we want to spend our time. We can either idle around and procrastinate or we can choose to use our time wisely. We can be patient or we can rush things. We can choose to repeat the mistakes we make through the course of time, or we can learn from it. Learning, it’s a very valuable thing we do. Some people learn things fast while others may take some time. Nonetheless we still have to take our time in learning things.

Summer has just hit the Philippines and that gives students a lot of free time on their hands. It may just be a couple of months but it’s the perfect opportunity to improve. You finally have the time without the pressure of school work. I find it quite sad to know that there are people who waste their summers doing nothing but lay in bed all day doing nothing else but social media. Others might go out once in a while to be with friends, but don’t we already do that when even if there are classes? We have to make our summer days special. We shouldn’t waste it because it’s going to be 9 and a half months before we get to experience it again. Opportunities are there to be grabbed not wasted. Constantly seek out new things to do. Like learn a new instrument for example, or maybe even finish that book you never had the time to read.

With all the time we have at home we can become better at things even faster than when there are classes. It’s will really benefit in the long run I promise. It’s also fun to see the reactions of other people when they learn that you’ve got something new up your sleeves. Who knows that new skill you learned in summer might be a door to more opportunities in the future! So why waste it? We live to learn new things, to discover, to be the best we can be, not to become societies slave! We have to break free and embrace the world around us. Craft, Create, Strive to make others see the beauty of the world. Start by improving yourselves and everything will soon fall into place.

I have felt the feeling of being noticed because of something I took the time to learn and I’ll tell you it’s one of the best feelings ever. It makes you feel like you’re something of worth. I’ve seen many people down and depressed, people who feel like they don’t belong. Do you know what I always tell them? I tell them not to look down on themselves and focus on improving as a person and soon he/she will become better than those who looked down on him/her.

Morale plays a big role in improving. If we have a low morale and look down on ourselves or focus on the negatives then we will never improve. It’s not only summer we can improve but in everything we do. In every mistake we make we should learn from it. We should be humble and put our feet on the ground, don’t force things that just isn’t meant to be. We have to learn to reflect and look back. Once we learn these basic principles in life we can easily improve ourselves as a person.

We improve because we made the choice to improve. Not because others forced us into it, but because we accepted change wholeheartedly. We can’t tell people to stay the same, because that’s unlikely. People change it may be for the good or for the worse. Remember though to accept only what’s good and reject the negative. When you’ve fallen into a ditch and become blinded by society ask someone to slap some sense into you, just kidding, it could work though, but really. The best thing to do in case that does happen is to close your eyes and think.

So guys, just don’t waste your time. I’m not telling you not to have fun, what I am telling you is try to learn something from every experience, from every step, and from basically everything around you. So that one day you can be someone the world can be proud of, someone that’s broken from societies chains, someone who takes in all the good and reject what’s not, and someone who can learn from their mistakes.

Thanks for reading guys. Follow me on my journey into something greater and let’s enjoy life’s greatest gifts together. Don’t forget to leave a like if you like what you’ve read or share if you want other people to be inspired.

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