The Beauty of Indie Folk Music

“I think a song that’s got something to say. I’m not much on gimmicks. I never have been because they don’t last. But I like a song that tells a story and has some meat to it, you know, that means something.” -Billy Eckstine

Music is a medium to express ourselves. Music today is becoming less and less sentimental and music like that is becoming hard to come by. Most of the famous music we have today is either Pop, RnB or Hip hop. Acoustic music and rock music is still fighting for a place in the top but country music, contemporary and classical music are not being noticed that much. Every song has the potential to be beautiful, either in a lyrical way or in it’s melody. One of my most favorite genre which still touches both in a distinct way is Indie Folk Music.

Ever since I was a child I was in love with acoustic music. I also love story oriented music like what some people would play in campfires or plain country music. The feel and vibe of acoustic music can’t be replicated by modern pop or RnB which gives it a distinct feel. I love country music, but I felt like there was something missing. I needed something with a more sentimental vibe, soul music wouldn’t cut it and love songs were just a bit too slow and/or lacked the acoustic feel. Then one day I discovered Of Monsters and Men it was this band that introduced me to the genre. When I started to play music like this, wherever I went felt like a scene from a movie. It was like everything was in focus, beauty was in everywhere I looked. It made me see life in a different perspective, even from small things like making a cup of tea or taking a walk.

Silhouettes – Of Monsters and Men | The song that sparked my interest in Indie Folk

You might be wondering what Indie folk music is. Despite having folk, it’s not traditional folk music. It does however carry the way folk music have stories rooted in it. It has the melodies of indie rock but at the same time carry the vibe of acoustic music and sounds from sontemporary folk music with instruments like harmonicas, banjos, guitars. You get the picture.

Folk music is definitely a type of music I would recommend. It can make anyone feel existential and see the beauty of life. It psychologically helps us see the world in a new perspective and it also connects us to our ourselves deep inside. Since music gives a really big psychological impact on everyone I feel like this is the type of music which subconciously gives us a more positive outlook in life. In the end the type of music you listen to is up to you, but I would really recommend giving this genre a try. Who knows you might like.

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Indie Folk Music

  1. Nice post. I’m an Indie-folk artist myself. It seems to be a lesser-known genre, but is perfect for getting stories and ideas across, as you mentioned. The perhaps simplicity of organic music leaves plenty of room for melody and lyrics..


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