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Why I hate Goodbyes

Nothing in this world lasts forever. We may enjoy picture perfect moments, or the company of others, but all of these will come to pass. Everybody has their fair share of goodbyes. Some goodbyes may be temporary, while others are permanent, whichever the case may be saying goodbye leaves an emotion etched into our hearts.

Personally I hate saying “goodbye.” It’s something I can’t really bare to hear or say. I don’t like the notion of leaving someone or being left behind. I honestly don’t like how some people manage to say goodbye without any hard feelings. For me saying goodbye is always hard to do, may it be for a while or sometime longer I just hate it. This may be due to the fact that I’ve had people leave me in the past. As I grew older I realized that it’s natural for people to just come and go. In the end people will leave you it’s nature, It’s Inevitable. It might be because of something on your part, it might be something on their’s, or it could be death pulling you apart. What’s Important is that at the very least they left something for us. It may be the comfort of a warm memory, which kindles the bright flame in our hearts to keep moving forward, or it could be a lesson, one which we would carry until death comes at our wake and take us.

The beauty of goodbyes is that everyone takes it so differently. My only problem with saying goodbye is that’s it’s so vague. Why do we have to say goodbye? I mean we are going to come back again, right? Wouldn’t “See you next time” be a better thing to say? Goodbye is just so uncertain. I like the certainty of knowing that I’d see someone again is better. I only say goodbye to someone if I don’t like to see them again. They might see me again, but it’s not to my pleasure.

Like I said though, everyone takes it differently. These are just my reasons why I hate it, but I won’t stray from the fact that there’s good in beauty in it too. Life is vague and full of complicated things. Let’s not make it so and let’s use words appropriate to what we mean. Let’s not linger and go around things. That just places doubts in the minds of others.

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