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Taking a trip to swim and see the stars

Hey there guys! Seeing as this is more of a personal blog, I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything about my daily life yet. Mainly I guess since I don’t go out that often during the summer. A couple weeks back though me and my best friends went out together and went to the province. You see the younger brother of my best friend Kath is celebrating his 10th birthday since his brother loved to go out and swim, and the fact that it was summer they decided to take him out to the mountains to swim in the river. Me and Shion went along with them since I was Kath’s best friend and since Shion was Kath’s boyfriend. I’ll probably talk more about the three of us in another article.

It was a little bit of a rush in my part actually. I woke up at 11am by a phone call from Kath telling me all about it. She talked to my dad and my dad told her I could come. The three of us go way back so my dad was fine with the idea of me going out overnight with them. I quickly packed up my things since Kath said we would be leaving really soon. I dropped by Shion’s place and we headed over to Kath’s together. This will be the first time we’d be together overnight in a far away place. We would be heading up the mountains so it took a couple hours to get there. The car wasn’t all that cozy either, I had to sit on Shion’s lap just so we could fit. Luckily I got over my motion sickness a year ago, if not I’d probably have had puked on him on the way, It would be hillarious if it happened though.

A house was waiting for us up the mountain. It was a big house made with cement, it wasn’t finished though, there were no doors and the walls haven’t been painted yet. The living room was empty, besides having a couple sofas and a table. We ate lunch there and quite honestly the food had practically no taste at all, but who am I to critique, food is still food.

01After eating lunch we hiked down a hill where a clear river was waiting for us. The path down was just amazing. The view was spectacular and the land around us was filled with life. Horses running about and trees everywhere. It was just beautiful. Here’s a picture of me and Shion together down the path. It was quite a long path but the view was worth the walk. It’s not too long though that you’d get tired. Just long enough for you to still enjoy the journey.


An empty field showing the mountains and the beautiful sky

To my dismay there were no place to change so I had to hide behind some tall grass to be able to change into my swimming trunks. We spent hours in the river, playing around and just goofing off. We tried going as far as we could but there’s just to much moss that we got to grossed out to keep moving. We also buried each other in the sand, aswell as threw mud at one another.

We had to get out after it got dark since we had some kids with us and the adults were back in the house so we had to take charge. We planned on swimming again later with the adults late at night but we decided it would be more fun to stay inside and just chill. After we got back to the house me and Shion took a bath together. It was quite a funny experience taking a bath with him. All the dirty jokes we made is just xD. We ate dinner and and had food ready to celebrate Sam, Kath’s younger brothers, Birthday.

13010840_1384540288238991_367941185882160134_nIt was nothing that extravagant but it was fine. The food tasted better than it did a while ago so it had that going. After eating dinner the adults went out to the river to swim while the three of us decided to stay up all night watching movies and eating snacks.

10404204_1384540758238944_7439253696259249153_n.jpgUnfortunately Shion gave in and fell asleep. Which made Kath a bit annoyed so she kept trying to wake him up. So later we decided to go out and to our amazement the sky was so clear. Stars were everywhere. It wasn’t possible to see this back at the city since there were too much pollution to see the stars. It was so beautiful, that’s all I have to say.

After that we tried to go back down the hill. It was pitch black, we couldn’t see anything so we joked about ghost and stuff like that. The three of us went down, I was in front followed by Kath. We went so far down and to my dismay when I looked back up, Shion didn’t decide to follow us and just smiled at us from the top of the hill. How rude xD.

At around 5:30am I gave in aswell and the three of us fell asleep. I woke up at around 7 while the others were still asleep. I drank a cup of coffee while waiting for others. It was about 9 when Shion awoke. He stayed in the car though. Kath’s mom told me to wake Kath up, it was around 10 at this time, everyone worked so hard to wake her up but she was just a bit too stubborn. She was awake but kept pretending to be asleep. After what seemed like half an hour she finally awoke and we ate breakfast together with Shion.

The drive back home was uneventful besides the kids started puking everywhere. Once we got back to the city we decided to take a plunge in the pool just because we wanted a little bit more time in the water. As the sun set the following day we all went home. It was a nice little experience since it was our first time to go overnight together. I’ve slept overnight at Shion’s before but never at Kath’s. I can’t wait for our next adventure together.

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