The Value of True Love

How often do you tell someone you love them? What effort do you do to show them how much you care? We often say we’re in love when we find someone special, someone who makes us feel complete, and some who makes us feel so happy deep inside. Unfortunately, feelings don’t last, feelings comes and goes. We can never measure the true value of love through the intensity of our feelings. It feels great to fall, to feel in love, but we should never confuse our emotions for love.

Love is so vague that it can mean so many things. We can love someone as a friend, as a lover, as a brother or sister, but the purest form of love is one that is unconditional, one that words can’t express, one that makes you want to do everything that’s best for that person without any reason, except that you just love them. We can’t measure love in physical quantities, it’s just there deep inside us.

So how can we measure what’s deep inside of us, how can we know the true measurement of true, genuine love? True love is unconditional. The true measurement of love is doing what’s best for the beloved, no matter what. You love, because you love. You might seem stupid, but stupid as it may it’s true. It’s actually quite cute when you think about it. Sure it’s very difficult, sure it’s demanding, but that is what makes true love so special. The fact that it is so rare makes it something worth treasuring. That is the value of true love. Doing what’s best for that person, without asking anything back in return, why? Because you loved in a way so true, so genuine, and so pure.

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