K-12 | A Small Obstacle for a Greater Cause | A students point of view

Hey guys! Summer in the Philippines is almost over and there’s something I really want to talk about. I’ve been hearing so much hate for the K-12 Curriculum recently and I’m like “What the heck guys! This is a big opportunity for our country.” I understand the problems some people are facing as this is a pretty big change in our High School lives, but think about the endless amount of possibilities it could open up for the students and the future of our country. If we look back we can see that our country is gaining momentum and we’re slowly gaining the potential to break free from being a Third world country. Many Innovations are also taking place to help push it further and with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte (He wants to be called mayor instead of president) former mayor of Davao City which is regarded to as one of the best cities in the world, as well as the most safest city in the world, winning the presidential race by a landslide the Philippines, our country, is entering a new generation.  The country is finding ways to push the momentum even further yet a portion of us doesn’t think that the K-12 Curriculum would benefit us and instead blames the teachers for poor education. (Really, blaming the teachers? In other Asian countries they’re the most respected people in the country.)

I’m a 10th grader turning 16 this year and I feel like this system will do us a lot of good. I myself love learning and this is a wonderful thing for anyone else out there who loves it. Before I go on telling you what we could do with the extra time we’re given let’s heed the calls of other people and let’s talk about why they’re putting the system down. Here’s one of the most annoying rant I’ve heard about the system.

We don’t need more years in school what we need is better teachers.

Back in the 6th grade I heard this one a lot, even until now it’s still being said a lot. I actually was one of the people who agreed to this statement back then, but after thorough thought I realized that it’s not just that. I’ve met some of the best and worst teachers after being in both sides of the spectrum it dawned on me that even with the best teachers there will always be those students who won’t get what they’re teaching. I understand them though, there are fast learners and slow learners, and if you’re a slow learner this is actually beneficial to you. I mean, there are some things we just can’t learn overnight. With more years of high school we would gain more time to mature, to become a better person, and to have the capability to handle immense pressure. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

I understand that there are people that hate K-12 due to the lack of money and facilities. People say that the Philippine’s is just not yet ready for this, but If we don’t start now when will we be ready? Not so long ago a militant youth group came up to Duterte and tells him to rethink the K-12 Curriculum and stop it. They tell Duterte that one of the major problems this would cause is a huge increase in dropout rates due to there not being enough facilities to accommodate the Senior High School students. Here’s the full video courtesy of CNN.

Luckily Duterte soon realized the benefits of the system and is now in favour of the system. I understand the students though, but still small sacrifices must be made for the future of the country. The main problem was only a percentage of Schools where senior high is available are public and majority of private. Seeing as there aren’t enough facilities to accommodate the students some are forced to drop out. These are just small obstacles though; the system is beautiful and will be the foundation of the new batch of youth who will soon lead this world.

Think about it guys. Two extra years of high school, with this time we can increase our connections and be more equipped to enter college. We can use this time to hone specific skills and to meet new people with the same passion as the strand you choose, as well as more professional teachers.  Step out of your comfort zones approach those teachers and make a connection. These small things can help boost your abilities and networking skills before entering college. We’d be prepared and won’t be overwhelmed by the future because we will be ready. Also it won’t be a matter of time before more learning facilities would be constructed, heck here in Pasig there are already some under construction.

We have to learn to use this new curriculum to our advantage. Make every day of those extra two years something special. Use the time to discover yourself and what you want to be in the future and if you already know what you want to be then use the extra time to hone your skills and be ahead of the curve. The difference between someone who’d be successful in the future is your ability to be able to take opportunities and use them to your advantage. We, the youth are the staple to a better future. What happens next in our world is all on us, we have to push forward and increase the momentum to be able to build a better world. Soon the pressure will be on us and we have to be ready.  Let’s make a stand to build something greater.

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