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Your words can change the world

The world is a big place filled with many small things. These small things are vital because without the small things holding the world up then the whole world might collapse. That’s a bit dramatic for starting an article up. Hey guys! Did you know that our tongue is like a fire? Despite us having been able to tame the wildest of animals there is one thing we can’t seem to tame and that’s our tongues. What I’m saying might be a little bit wierd but stay with me here. What if I told you that despite the tongue being a fire we can still manipulate what we say? Like in real life we can’t really tame fire but we can control it. I’ll get to that later but first let’s talk about how what we say can affect nearly everything that happens around us? After giving it a long thought I realized that this is true, almost everything, good or bad, that happened to mankind was based on what we say. With that I will conclude right now at the first paragraph in this article that your words can change the world!

Our life coach at victory was talking to us a week back about how he saw this child on the street and had a little talk with him which ended up with him telling the young boy that he will become a great person one day. There was this other guy though, he went up to our life coach and started yapping on that the child will grow up and become a drug dealer or some sort and won’t be a decent man in the society. This child is 10 by the way, so what’s the point in me telling this? Well basically what would you feel if you are already a lost cause and society and people won’t give you the will to come up because everything they tell about you is negative? Like I said you won’t have the will to get up and instead you will stay that way because instead of people motivating you to succeed they’d just keep bringing you down instead. What if people instead tell you that you have great potential, how would you feel? Pretty pumped up and motivated right? He also told us about the story of his cousin whom, when they were young, they teased a lot calling him gay and weak. Our coach told us that this guy didn’t grow up gay or weak but grew up to be a bully. Why? It’s because that person was hurt and people who are hurt tends to hurt others. What if I told you that there is another side to that explanation that hurt people hurt others, what if I said that loved people would love others. That great right? That also shows that if you show people love and tell them nice things it could spark something great.

Choosing the right words could make someones day or break it. It could also deal long term or short term damage or blessings depending on what you say. Remember what I said in the beginning that our tongue is like a fire? One of the things fire could do is spread, like in the forest on how a small fire could burn an entire forest. Families, friendships companies can fall with the wrong words. It can burn down entire relationships but the good thing is that we can control this fire and instead of burning stuff down we can share blessings to the world. How? With our heart. Whatever may come out of our mouths is what our heart contains, and if what are heart contains is hatred then it’d spread hatred in if it is filled with love then it would spread love. Like I said earlier loved people will love others and Hurt people would hurt others. Those are wise words from our coach and we should live to a principle that would make this world a better place.

What we say can change the world. It can start something big from something small. Like telling someone you believe in him. Who knows those words could spark something inside of him and he might make a big impact on the world just because you said you believe. That’s what happened to our church, victory, it all started with a guy telling this other guy that he believes in him and that he can preach in the Philippines. Just watch your heart and make sure it’s filled with goodness so that you can spread goodness to others and can start something great! Don’t be afraid, just believe in yourself and have faith.

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