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School is back in Session | 2016-17

What is up everyone! Summer just finished last week here in the Philippines and classes are back in session. This year is a big year for me as I’m in my last year of Junior High School. If you’ve followed me for so long already back in my old blogs then you would know that I’ve always held the potential to be the top in our class but the only thing hindering me from getting to the top is how lazy I am. This year, I’m planning to change that, I’m going to work hard and get to the top of my class. I know that with God, nothing is impossible as long as you have faith in his power and do your part as well.

I can’t believe it’s only been a week yet my body already feels so sluggish, my back is aching and I’m having a stiff neck. I forgot how much school can drain your energy. Man did I take summer for granted. I’m happy though to be back at school because I’m one of those few students who actually want to learn. One thing about me is that I’m an aggressive student, not physically, but in the way that I love to debate a lot. I’m not one of those passive students who just sit there and keep to themselves. I don’t really know where I get my confidence since I just say or ask practically whatever I want in class. Luckily our teachers actually like that, they like engaging students. One funny thing that happened is that our teachers from 1-3 years ago are our teachers again since they reshuffled. So instead of having a batch of teachers who gives a heavy load we’re back with our old laid back teachers who focuses more on oral stuff than written works. Not that I’m saying that written works are null, they’re still 40% of our grades but the batch of teachers we got are very generous with the way they grade.

I’m happy to say that I’m still in the first section. I was on the brink of being placed in section 2 but luckily I managed to retain my section. I believe that there is a reason for me being placed back here. Whatever it is I’m not really quite sure, but whatever God has planned for me I will accept his will and humbly submit to whatever he wants for me.  The sectioning was a little bit chaotic though; the week started off with us being 42 in class, the following day 7 students were swapped with the second section and the following day after that they decided to merge those seven students and now we’re 49 in class. Since I’m a student, that didn’t really bother me that much, but man did it mess up our teachers. Then again things don’t always work out in the start, but surely in the end everything will fit perfectly.

There is still nine more months to go so I have to get ready since this is just the beginning of what seems to be a stressful year. I wish that someone would give me a backrub though, school is really hurting my back. I guess that’s just my bag being heavy, but man do I need a massage right now.  I believe school is in my favour despite all of that though and despite it being stressful I believe this year will be a great one. It will be a great one because I’m going to make sure it is. We decide how great this year will be so go layout your paths right now, and if something doesn’t go your way accept it because that is the foundation of something more awesome to come.

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