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Getting ready for Victory Weekend

Every Nation CampusHey Guys! One thing you might not now about me is that I’m christian. I’ve been through a lot in my spiritual journey in finding myself and I doubt that it’s going to be over anytime soon. Life is a never ending journey right? Anyways I’ve been attending Victory, Fort Bonifacio for quite some time already. I’ve been to so many churches already but this one seems to be calling out to me. Also I love Victory’s tagline. Victory white“Honor God and make Disciples” Which is one thing I love to do, I love calling out to people and inspiring them, and this church focuses a lot on leadership and discipleship and sharing the gospel and I find it as a great place to inspire others and to help build a better nation. It will really stir up the holy spirit inside each and every one of us. It’s not the church that changes us though. It’s God’s power that’s working inside every single one of us. Because without his help we will not be able to do anything. He’s what pushes us to become a better person. He is the foundation made of rock which strengthen our virtues and would allow us to weather every storm which comes our way. We might not live a Storm-Free life but we will live a storm-proof one.

With that I’ve found my spiritual family here. Hearing the testimonies of each of the Christians, it’s amazing how big God made an impact in the lives of so many. In two weeks I will be attending a Victory Weekend. A Victory Weekend is a spiritual retreat aimed at establishing strong spiritual foundation in our lives, which would help deepen our relationship with God and focus on establishing the spritual foundation necessary for a life-long walk with him. It’s a beautiful event filled with so much joy that you’d just cry for in him we became Righteous and worthy for eternal life.

It doesn’t end there though after that I’d also be attending Purple Book, Church Community and Making Disciples Classes which would help me understand more how to lead, and how to preach. I am not afraid of sharing the gospel and I would love to have more wisdom on how to do it. I know that I can’t do it by myself but with him I can take on any task life throws at me. At the end of the Victory Weekend I’m going to have my first water Baptism and I will walk this earth a new. God will give me the strength for I believe.

As a final message to all of you I just want to tell all of you to have faith.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

-Matthew 6:33

Thanks for reading guys. Follow me on my journey into something greater and let’s enjoy life’s greatest gifts together. Don’t forget to leave a like if you like what you’ve read or share if you want other people to be inspired.

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