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When I Broke My Foot

I can be a real klutz sometimes, despite have a good stance on what I am there comes a time when I do something and it just fails horribly, like getting into a PUV (Public Utility Vehicle). Basically yesterday on our way to Taguig with my friend we rushed our way into a PUV and just after opening the door my foot just took a turn for the worse as it just basically collapsed into itself and I heard a cracking sound accompanied with so much pain as I entered the vehicle.

At first I just disregarded the pain as I was sitting on a comfy chair on our way to Taguig. After we got off the vehicle though is when everything took a turn for the worse. It started with a soft pain which made me limp a bit. We we’re heading to the 4pm youth service at Victory, Fort. We were ushers for the service that day and I told myself I could stand the pain since it doesn’t really hurt that much. It was partially true at the beginning. After a while everything took a turn for the worse and every time I tried to move my right foot it ached with so much pain. As an usher I did my best to hide the pain and after the the service I had to race across the street to avoid waiting a couple of minutes to cross the road since the street light was about to change. That was a really bad Idea, I ran limping across a couple meters which was really bad for my foot. I’m stubborn when it comes to pain in my own body doing my best to disregard what my body is feeling as much as possible. So I just limped as if it was something normal just so not to bother others. Later my friend asked me if I’d like to try fixing my foot and man was that a bad idea. The pain on trying to fix my foot was so excruciating, here’s what I looked like while they were doing that.


Mind you that pain on my face is real, despite the fact that there is a little bit of laughter underneath that it still hurts so much. Before going home we ate and we walked through Pateros to get a Jeep since the line for the FX is so long. Going through Pateros was so painful. Especially the downhill since gravity is really doing it’s best to hurt my foot. To the point that Matthew tried carrying me down. Which wasn’t a good idea as well since we just ate and it made me release some of the food I ate.


When I got home I realized that my right foot was bigger than my left foot and it was aching so much. I couldn’t sleep that night and the smallest things kept waking me up. It’s starting to get better, I don’t feel the pain anymore. I’m still limping a little bit though hopefully it would be gone before school tomorrow.

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