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This Is One of the BEST Places to catch Pokemons in the Philippines

Pokemon GO has been for awhile now and after the Philippine servers became active people rushed over their smartphones to get the app. It’s finally here, everybody’s dream to one day become a Pokemon master has finally became a reality. With the first generation Pokemons out most of the nostalgic crowd of Pokemon fans play the game in awe as they relive their childhood fantasies in real life.

It’s a Saturday night and me and my friends are just about to head home from youth service at Victory, Fort. While we chill before heading home completely my friends decided to play Pokemon Go. One of the problems some people face when playing the game is the constant need of Pokeballs to capture Pokemons, and one or two Pokestops in an area just wouldn’t cover it. This is the reason why me and my friends were filled with amazement as we launched the Pokemon Go app on BGC just beside Market-Market.  This is what we were greeted with as we launched the app.

Pokemon GO at BGC

The amount of Pokestops in the area was just unbelievable! Think of the opportunities and the amount of Pokeballs and Eggs you can gain in that area. Which is also why I wasn’t that surprise to find dozens of Pokemon trainers in the area. In fact we found this sweet spot where we just stood and we covered 4 Pokestops without the need to move! The account on the picture is my friend’s as it was his phone that was used for the screenshot. It seems like this will become a weekly routine for them to my dismay since I want to get home early to rest.

So if you want to stock up on Pokeballs or just want to play while chilling I highly recommend you to go to Bonifacio Global City to play Pokemon GO while enjoying your surroundings. It’s also a nice place to bond and I highly recommend this place as a go to hub for all of you aspiring Pokemon trainers. I’ve never seen this much Pokemon trainers in one area. Whether your young or an adult it’s never too late to live your dream of being a Pokemon master, so what are you waiting for download the game now!


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