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When A YouTube Personality Preaches | Janina Vela Punzalan

For those of you who doesn’t know yet, I attend a Christian Youth Service every Fridays and Saturdays at Victory, Ortigas and Fort respectively. I originally only attended Fort and until now that’s the main place I go to when it comes to anything related with Every Nation Campus. The only reason why I attend Ortigas is so that I can help create a Christian community within our school since it’s the closest one which the students can attend.

This Friday after the usual start of a Friday Youth Service I was greeted with a shock as YouTuber, Janina Punzalan, Daughter of Paolo Punzalan, was the one who’s going to preach to us. Her aura was vivid. She had this super optimistic personality and she was really engaging. Her English was extremely fluent despite her being younger than our original Youth Service at Ortigas. Her smile illuminated the room with encouragement and it caught the attention of the youth. The way she speaks is like she’s not even Filipino at all, which she is. Overall I was impressed by the way she spoke.Janina 01

It wasn’t just her personality that made the Preaching great. She had a really great outlook in life and she carries that we her throughout the service. The way she laid out the topic was so fluid that despite her talking really fast you’d really understand each word she’s telling you. The way she thought our topic “Purpose” was so captivating that gave meaning to every word she says.

She answered a big question that was always vague to me, and that’s “What Drives you?”, and her answer to that is Values. What we value is what drives us to do something. What do you value more is what sets our priorities. Now who are we going to value more people that’s there temporarily? Or the one who loves us eternally? She brought me back to my roots in being a Christian, before I even ever thought about sharing the Gospel, and that’s having my quiet time with God. She said,

“Sometimes we get so caught up in advancing his kingdom that we forget to spend time with the king”

We get so caught up in advancing his kingdom that we forget to spend time with the kingSometimes we just get so worked up in doing big things and we often forget about the simple things. If you have ever felt like everything is going great and suddenly you hit a brick wall, then it’s probably time to go back to your roots and reflect for awhile. It might seem useless to some but sometimes what we think is useless is usually the one with the greatest purpose.

Let’s not limit ourselves, let’s learn to see the potential of something. Nothing is useless, everything has a purpose. David the one who showed the least, of Jesse’s 8 sons was the one to be anointed as king of Israel. Just because something seems weak or useless doesn’t mean it is. We can only perceive so much, but we can’t see into the future nor will we know what someone would turn out to be. Who knows that person you called weak might become a leader of the next generation.

Janina’s YouTube Channel


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