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Rainy School Days Can Be Annoying At The Same Time Relaxing

Since the Philippines is a tropical country I only experience the two extremes of weather; sunny days and rainy days. Half of the year we experience sunny days and the other half we experience rainy days, since there’s no middle it can be either really hot or rain really hard. I guess we experience drizzles sometimes, but not that often though. I constantly crave for cold weather and hate hot weather. This only goes for the temperature of the atmosphere though, because even though I hate the hot and love the cold I also find comfort in warm hugs and drinks as I feel cold wind brush upon my skin.Eusebio High School Rainy Afternoon 1024

While in other countries people often think of cloudy and rainy days as gloomy days, for me it’s one of the most peaceful things. I find it easier to take things in and to focus during rainy days. I work better at night, and cloudy and rainy days makes me feel the same comfort as I would during the night. I really love how rainy days makes it easier for me to take things in. It relaxes my heart and makes me do things more precise. The cold weather makes me be more practical and not to rush things. Listening to the sound of rain falling down is music to my ears, and listening to indie songs during these times just makes it better. The warm sound of acoustics plus the rain makes me feel like the world revolves around me. During these times I feel more in control of myself than other days where my body just feels like it’s on auto pilot. This makes me more productive in school. The psychological effect of a rainy ambience is just so compelling to me that it makes me work better and more efficient. I’m heavily influenced by how I feel, I don’t try to let it get to me that much but when it comes to something that makes me more productive then I’d welcome that feeling with an open arm.

Rainy days may be relaxing there is one thing I hate about it though. When water fills the streets and traveling on foot can be a nuisance. During rainy days I just want to sit on the back seat of a car and look out the window reflecting on life. Walking on foot though, that’s a whole other story. I hate walking on foot during the rain, I may love the feeling of the cool breeze and sound of the rain, I get annoyed when the rain actually hits me or if my shoes get soaked in water. I don’t mind getting down and dirty but I want my feelings to be consistent though. If I want to feel comfort then that’s the only thing I want to feel, If I feel the rush of Adrenalin then I don’t want to sit down and relax. So if I want to feel the comfort of a rainy ambience then that’s it, I don’t want to feel anything else.


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