Life Lessons

When Reviewing for Exams Doesn’t Matter That Much Anymore

It’s Mid-August and it’s that time of the year where we’re going to have our first Periodic Test. Left and Right students throughout public schools in the Philippines are getting ready to face their first big test for the school year 2016-17. It’s already given that when we’re taking tests we need to study, but do we really?

The first day of taking the test is done and to be honest I didn’t really study for the test. After years and years of taking school exams It doesn’t seem to be necessary for us to review for the test. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t review for your tests, but seeing as barely anyone in my class actually study for tests anymore and we’re still getting high marks while lower sections need to actually study just to reach our scores, and with that something seems wrong. Added to the fact that periodic tests in our country is multiple choice I find that it’s not studying for the actual test that’s the main factor why we achieve high marks. It’s more than that, thinking outside the box I found out that people who don’t study yet are more analytical and are able to interconnect information together achieve higher marks then those who actually study for the test. So basically what i’m saying is that if we improve the way we think instead of memorizing facts for the test then we would be able to achieve higher marks.

Now that doesn’t mean that, that makes reviewing obsolete. Because if we think about it people who are more logical already attain higher marks without reviewing. What more if they actually review! Then they’d be sure to ace the test. I guess since reviewing to hard burns us out. We should find a right equilibrium knowing what we ‘really’ need to study and focus on and what we should discard to save more time and become more efficient.


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