Life Lessons

Losing Doesn’t Define Who You Are

Sometimes the thing that really burns our self-esteem is losing. Whether that lose might be something small like a bet or something big like a contest; it’s still a punch in our pride when we lose especially if many people knows about that loss. When something like that happens people tend to remember, remember what you did and how you managed to lose something. Being labeled by how you fend with that event can sometimes haunt you and set a fire to where you’re life would be heading. It would also be hard to do something of the same kind in the future because you’re already known for losing that certain thing.

But here’s what we have to remember. We shouldn’t let our actions be dictated by how other people label us and how we didn’t manage to achieve a certain thing. If we let other people’s words label us and we allow that to affect us then we would leave little room for redemption. This can also apply something which happened in the past. Maybe for example people labeled you as a bad dancer. Since people think of you as that you’re downing yourself and not leaving room for improvement since your ashamed to show other people how you can improve, because you’re afraid of getting judged again. But sometimes it’s these that can push us to be something greater. All we need is courage to show other people what we can do and that we can improve.

We shouldn’t let our losses define us, instead use that as a leverage to become a better person. Words of other people are just that, words, don’t let it get to your head and don’t let it lessen yourself as a person. We’re constantly improving and we should realize that we might not be the same person in the future. You might be labeled as bad at something right now, but believe in yourself and who knows you could be the best at that category in the future. Just believe in yourself and don’t let others affect who you can potentially be.


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