Daily Life

Getting ready for Church Community Classes


For the past 7 weeks I’ve been attending Saturday Purple book classes at Every Nation. Accompanied by my friends we embarked together in deepening our spiritual connections and understanding on how great our God is and deepening our relationship with each other. It has been a great time seeing things at a new perspective and understanding the word even more. Morales and Values are abundant in these lessons and I just can’t comprehend the amount of stuff I’ve learnt during my time in class. There might be some problems here and there but nothing that our God couldn’t handle.

These classes made me even more closer to God, and the relationships I’ve made in church has been really great. The community just burns with passion and they’re the only thing keeping me a blaze. This journey is long and I’ve already been through a lot. In hindsight though this is just the beginning and they’re so much more I have yet to experience. I’m eternally grateful for God bringing me here as it led me to great people. People who knows just what to say to you.

As the days pass we finally finished the 12 lessons our classes had in store for us and now we’re another step forward in our journey. The walk might have started only with a few people but now we are many going through this journey together. Hearts united for one God, we will be having our Church community classes tomorrow to learn more on how to keep this community going and how to advance his kingdom even more. Preparing for tomorrow I just can’t comprehend how many turns my life went, but every time God finds a way to turn me back to him. So just keep going forward hand in hand and you’ll get where you want faster and the problems the road has in store won’t be that big of a deal anymore because you have someone with you and above all God is with you.


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