Life Lessons · Love

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

The way our world works has changed drastically over the years. New social norms starts to emerge and the way we live has been so different than how our past generations lived. Being independent is now being more common in both genders and relationships hasn’t been the same as it has been back then. The times of opening the door for your partner or pulling her seat back is long gone, and is now just something we can find in old romantic novels or movies. People are starting to develop the notion that the old ways of being romantic is just a waste of time and effort and in this fast paced era of speed dating and indecisiveness, people want things to be done quick and systematic leaving almost no room for chivalry.

This is what society tells us though. Most people are bound in this state of mind because of the peers and the people around us. Instead of long romantic dates people are out partying and getting high. Let me tell you guys though that all of these are just a state of mind. A perspective in which we live in. We shouldn’t be bound by society and we shouldn’t let it dictate what’s right and what’s not. You see chivalry will only die if you let it die. We shouldn’t be let it die but instead let the fire burning grow from us. We should have a change of heart and start showing other people that chivalry isn’t dead. Doing what’s romantic in the past isn’t gay, it’s beautiful. Taking her out for long walks, carrying her bag, paying her fare, holding her hand, giving her your jacket. These small things can make a big difference in your relationship. Little things which can make big impact in the lives of others. We just have to change the way we see the world and see the beauty behind everything. Chivalry isn’t dead, it would only die if you let it.

Let’s not be afraid to let our hearts work. Don’t be afraid to be called a fag by the world. Instead be the trendsetter of the people around you and show them that being romantic, being kind, generous, polite is still the best way to be. Don’t let others pull you into the mindset that the only way to get girls is by  being a bad boy. Instead captivate others by your chivalry and by being a true gentleman. Don’t be anxious, don’t overthink. Just let your heart work and as long as you know that you’re not hurting anyone else and you’re not doing anything wrong then go for it. Let that person you love realize how much you love her. From little things like an I love you or a letter to spending quality time with that person. Just understand chivalry isn’t dead, It’s inside of you and you just have to take the extra step to show it to that person you love.


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