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Don’t wait for the right person. Be the right person

In this modern age, with many broken lives and families, people sought for love more and more. We try to find people, find someone, who can fill up the hole in our hearts. We seek people to find love and acceptance, because maybe for some reason we weren’t able to feel loved or accepted. I’m sure you have tried to find someone once in your life. We all have done that. For some reason though when we reach that point where we do find someone, we started realizing that there’s something missing, not from the person we found but from ourselves. Think back. Ask yourselves if you have ever felt this way. Well have you? Some you might, and there are others who are in denial, but it’s true. Have you ever felt like you could give more? Could be more? Because of us rushing things or maybe let’s say you’re waiting for the right person to come, we feel like it’s there’s not much more we need to do but wait. Have you asked yourselves this though, am I the right person for my future love?

“Don’t wait for the right person. Be the right person” – Janina Vela

These words echoes through my mind all throughout the first preaching of the series “Heartbeat” as Janina Vela said this at Victory Fort. These few words holds a big meaning, there is power in it and it’s a perspective only few of us holds. If we want someone who is right for us then we have to take the time to become someone who will be right for the one you love. Maybe you have some problems, attitude, family, values. Ask yourself would she be happy knowing that I’m like this? You know you’re not going to change for her to love you. You’re going to improve and fix on your flaws because you love HER, and you want to make her happy. Because in love you don’t expect your partner to change. Change must start from you. If somethings wrong, be the first to compromise. Rather than wait for that other person to change, which I doubt would, be the first one to accept things and make change.

We should focus on improving ourselves, for ourselves and for our partner. Because love isn’t all about you, it’s about the both of you and what you can give without expecting anything in return. So maybe you’re still waiting for the right person, stop. Take that time to be the right person, because with that you would be able to give yourself wholeheartedly. You would be able to commit your full self and not feel like something is missing. So why wait? When you can become that person you want your partner of future partner to become. It’s the best thing you can do, because if you focus on improving all of these things would fall into place. People would notice the change in your heart and that passion would pull people closer to you.

So let’s change the perspective of this world, by starting the change with ourselves. With that we will be to able to live in a better world. With less broken relationships and more Godly and beautiful relationships. Because with morals and the right perspective we can experience love like never before. Remember love isn’t about yourselves, it’s about others and what you can give without expecting anything in return. If everyone thinks like that then we would all live with love and contentment in our hearts because when two people with the same mindset collides there would be less fighting and more love.


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