Devotion · Life Lessons

Do things while you still can. Don’t wait until you can’t anymore.

How old are you? How many times have you been offered an opportunity to do something yet you declined? Maybe you just weren’t up to it, maybe you just felt like you weren’t capable. Let me tell you this, according to research the average life span of a human being is 79 years. Short, yes it is. Now think of how many years you’ve spent living in this world. Shocking, realizing how much time we’ve already spent in this world. Now look back, how much time did you put into investing to your future, and how much time you’ve wasted. Memories can only tell us so much, but it’s a huge gap between the time that we used for good and the time we used to do nothing.

We have a limited time in this world. We have a limited time to be able to the things that we want to do. We don’t realize the amount of time we’ve wasted doing nothing. Maybe we feel like we’re to lazy to do things. We’re constantly telling ourselves that maybe we can do it another time. We always make up these lame excuses so that we could give ourselves a reason to procrastinate. This mindset brings us to an illusion, thinking that we’ve done so much when in reality we’ve done so little. It’s true, that’s a fact. Knowing that we’ve not really done that much tangible things. Sure we’re given the notion that “Hey, I’ve done of things in my life. I mean if not I wouldn’t be me” right? Yes, there’s that. But understand that what we’re doing is settling for less than what our potential capabilities can do, can make.

Now here’s another question. How much time in your life, think back okay? How much time in your life did you spend helping another person. How much time in your life was spent in making someone else feel loved. For most of us we don’t really have that much done. The thing here is though, they don’t have that much time either, no one has. We’re living a life where we constantly put our needs first, ourselves first, that the word ‘selflessness’ is barely being tackled in our lives. Now just a while ago, March 3, 2017, my grandfather died. What truly brought me to repent to God was knowing in myself that I failed to do my part, as his grandson, to make him feel loved, cared. It doesn’t take that much time, in fact it takes nothing at all to say “I love you” to someone, yet it does great things inside the hearts of people, because that single word can change lives. It can determine whether you can break or make someone. Just that word, just that single word.

Let’s not forget that God is the reason that we can love.

We love because he first loved us -1 John 4:19

and the thing about God is that his love is the greatest love of all. What Jesus did on the cross was for forgiveness. To save us from our sins, and in return, we should do the same to people around us, forgive. Because what He did will be in vain if we don’t learn how to love. We should learn to forgive people, and tell them how much you care, before it’s too late. Yes you can forgive in your mind, yet that person, as long as he doesn’t know that you forgave him he will carry this weight in his heart and it will bring him to sadness not knowing whether you love, or not.

So do things now while you still can. Don’t wait for the time to come when you won’t have the chance anymore to do it. As long as you have the time, take courage and make a stand. Let people know about your love for them, about His love for them. Because love can break through the most stubborn hearts, because in this world full of hatred the only thing that remains pure is love, true love.


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