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13 Reasons Why: A Killer in Everyone of Us

What would you do if you had the chance to save someone but couldn’t? What if you made someone’s life worse but never realized it? These are questions we are rarely given the opportunity to answer, questions we don’t really get to ask ourselves that often. We don’t really see the impact our little actions does to the people around us, whether we affect there lives in a good way or a bad one. There’s this show on Netflix, which if you haven’t heard about you have probably been living under a rock since even those without Netflix is aching to watch this series. It’s about this girl, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide, but before she did she left old cassette tapes documenting why she did and the people who are connected to her suicide. The thing is this show is more about suicide, it’s deeper than that. 13 Reasons why is filled with different philosophies and psychological things that drives our lives, what we do and why we do it. It’s probably going to take more than 1 article to cover it all, so I’d probably write more on about the different aspects of life this series tackles.

The thing about Hannah Baker’s suicide is that she did it because of so much problems piling in her life. She had family problems, she was bullied and at one point she got raped. All of these happened because of the people around her, people ruining her and people leaving her. She became trapped in her perspective that she was alone, she had no friends and no one cared. Which wasn’t whole fully the case, but it was in her own mind in her own perspective. She was crying for help and no one came. The thing is it wasn’t just the fault of the others. It was her fault too.  She slowly became more and more protective and pushed the right people out and the wrong people in. She was swayed by her emotions and her need to be accepted. If she just took the time to acknowledge other people around her, those who actually cared, then maybe she would still be alive. At one point she contacted Jes, an old friend who she thought could help her but in reality didn’t came. She approached this guy Marcus in search of true love, but instead was used by him. She came about the wrong people seeking for acceptance that she failed to get her mind straight and look for people who can actually care about her. Because sometimes in life we tend to go with the wrong people in search of that temporary happiness. Which in turn they’ll just bring you down. When in reality she had friends who she could turn to instead, she had Clay, Tony, her family, and probably other students in the school she could get acquainted with if she just took the effort. I mean seriously, drawing near the end of the series, she went to Bryce’ party! Bryce! The guy who raped Jes, and she also stayed in the same tub with people she knew she hated inside but still stayed with because she was seeking acceptance!

Ranting aside (This has became to much of a rant post) the people she spent time with weren’t good people, but aren’t totally bad unless you count Bryce and Justin (in the first 3/4th of the series) They’re just normal teenagers who did wrong things. I mean all of us probably had our share of wrong doings but Hannah just didn’t know how to handle her situation well and to stay out of trouble. The thing about the other students though, they also face their own daily problems, needs and affirmations, because all of us has this hole in our hearts we can’t seem to fill. The problem though is if we don’t think things through we can hurt other people, just like what the other people did which caused Hannah to commit suicide. Did they know they would’ve caused her suicide? No, they didn’t. Because each one of them were blinded by their own theologies and perspectives that they fail to realize the bigger picture, and that’s the amount of pressure they’re putting on Hannah’s life. If they just took the time and think about what others are going through or how these things they say could affect the emotional well being of the person she’d probably still be up and living. I know I’ve done my share of unconscious lack of sensitivity to other people and all of you probably have too. That’s the lesson we have to learn here. Inside of us is a killer, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Which is why we have to think more of what other people would feel. Also about that gaping hole in your heart we’re all aching to fill up. The good news for you and all of the other people reading this is that we can fill that gaping hole inside our hearts! That is the good news, because their is this awesome guy who died for you! Yes, he died for you! Just for you to be considered as the children of the almighty God, and that person is Jesus. He will give you comfort when you are down and he will give you light when you are in darkness. So let’s not conform to this world and every bad thing inside of it but let us embrace the love of God that we can sleep soundly tonight.


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