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I’m finally enrolled | Montessori Professional Colleges of Asia

The Philippines as you might have already known has finally rolled up the K-12 system a couple years back (Yay). Seriously yay in a non-sarcastic way! I feel like these extra 2 years of education is a great way to improve myself and get myself ready for college, and further down the road, young adulthood. I’m probably one of the few people in the country, well students, who really loves the new system. Seriously it’s mainly for me to collect myself and get myself and my skills more prepared for the future. It’s an extra 2 years of opportunities, so enjoy it.

With this I have finally came to the point of choosing a new school to attend for the next two years. As much as it’s accessible I don’t want to study at my old school, not when I have a choice to transfer. With this we were given the choice to pick from multitudes of strands, each with it’s own set of tracks (Courses you might say.) I have my eyes eyed upon taking humanities for quite some time now and the school I was planning to enroll to was Buting Senior High School. Unfortunately though after getting my stuff ready, and after a long morning trying to enroll I was told that I they wern’t accepting schools which were far off. I got into a little argument with their principal stating that they were the only school left that was near me that had Humanities as a strand. After a heated discussion between the rights of the student to choose where to study I decided that if the staff of the school acted this way, I’d rather study in a different school. I was with my dad when I enrolled and I was completely at lost since I had no backup plan. I didn’t want to study back at Eusebio, mainly cause I want to meet new people and there’s already a sense of familiarity with the people back there, which to me, felt like it would hinder my growth. Then I remembered this school called Montessori Professional Colleges. I didn’t really take that as a choice because what they were offering was too good to be true.

MPC, Let’s call it in short, is offering 2 years of education for free, no top up. No payment for the books or laboratories. It doesn’t have a haircut policy and wearing the uniform is optional. They also promised that no one fails. This made me really hesitant on studying here, I thought it wasn’t legit. I had no choice though, so I told my dad that we should try and inquire there, so that’s what we did. When I first entered the premis, the first thing that caught my attention was it smelled good and It was really cold inside. I loved the cold and remembered my elementary days when I studied in Inocencio, a private school, and how I felt when I transfered to a public school and took the cold of my school back in the days for granted. The next thing that really caught my attention was how friendly the staff are and how the school is actually really well recieved. This really allured me, and once I saw their uniforms I got enticed even more. They didn’t offer Humanities, but they did offer Information Technology, which if you guys don’t know about me is something that I am really good at. So I’m like “Dad, what if I enrolled here instead?” Without a second later I filled up so many forms and found myself enrolled. The first thing that popped into my mind after that was. “I’m finally back in a private school!” My heart raced with joy with the school I’m going to study in.

This was just really unexpected and it actually reminded me of the verse, Jeremiah 29:11 which states

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

and this really stuck to me for the rest of the day. It shows that despite what I have planned, God knows the deepest desires of your heart and if It’s part of God’s will in your life he will provide. I’m just really, really thankful for God for giving me this opportunity. I won’t take this for granted like I did in the past with my education. I know the value of these things in life now and I have no plans of ruining it. Besides studying I’ll also use this school to help my growth and be a vessel to bless other people. Just remember that if things don’t go on as planned, God is there to set your path straight.

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I updated you guys about my life and seeing as this blog is about the ‘life’ of an ‘ambivert’ (Me) I should really start posting more personal stuff in a personal way, unlike some of my articles which are written in a technical yet informal way. So you’ll probably see my writing style might be a bit different than how I write my inspirational articles, but you guys get it.


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