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Life Is Like a Piano

I started playing the piano just a year ago after watching this anime called Your Lie in April. It’s an anime about this kid whose so talented in playing the piano, but stopped when his mom died, and then she met this girl who gave her life color again. The piano is a really great instrument, you have the flexibility of creating any music you want. It can give happiness or sadness, it can make something so beautiful. The guy in that anime I mentioned stopped playing the piano because his mom died, which is really hard for anyone. The thing is life is like a piano. There’s this saying that,

“Life is like a piano. White keys represents joy. Black shows sadness. As you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.”

If we look at life by itself we usually hate the bad moments in our lives, black keys. The thing is we try to play life out without the black keys, and it usually make ourselves out of tune. Nobody is perfect and we all experience these moments. The thing is we shouldn’t avoid it completely, because life won’t be complete without the black keys. We should never be discouraged either if something bad happens to us, because if we let ourselves be taken aback by the black keys, it would lead us to self destruction. If we instead embrace the black keys, and understand that the black keys make music too, we can learn more about ourselves, improve and become a better person. There will be a harmonious relationship between you and the world. Because acceptance leads to contentment, and if we don’t accept these black keys in our lives we will always live in perpetual despair and never see the good things in life.

The piano really is a great medium for me, when I am sad the music plays out, when I’m happy the keys are jumping in joy. Nothing can compare though to the contentment my God gives me, and he sends out mediums in this physical world to give us contentment, to give us joy, peace and happiness. So don’t ever think that when something bad happens it’s the end of the world. No it’s not, it’s a part of what makes you grow. So accept it, and make music, beautiful music, with your life as medium to help bless this world and others.

Hey guys, this was just hanging by my thoughts so I thought I write down. It’s a really great quote if you think about it. Also just a little tangent here, I’ve been practicing playing the piano and I’ve been uploading some stuff on YouTube so if you would check my channel out that would be great!

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One thought on “Life Is Like a Piano

  1. Hi,
    I like your blog photo. I am always trying to improve my blog photography. I agree the piano is a metaphor for life. I think it is a beautiful metaphor but then I play the piano so I’m not objective ha ha Ha. Are you a reviewer? I almost became a movie reviewer but now I blog about blogging tips.
    I met you at Jason’s meet and greet.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. I also host 10 blog parties each month where are you could meet new readers.

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