Life Lessons

It’s never too late to start now


Everyday we tell ourselves that we’re going to start doing something great in our lives. When we’re given the opportunity though we tell ourselves that “I don’t have time for it right now” or “I’ll do it later” until we forget about what we’re supposed to do and nothing happens.

It’s currently past the middle of summer here in the Philippines and classes don’t start until next month. The first month was great, yet as summer draws out even longer I’m starting to miss going back to school. I’m constantly telling myself that there isn’t anything to do. The back of my mind is telling me “Is it really?” though. When you think about it, there are a lot of ways to use your time. We just fail to see it, or maybe we get a glimpse of it yet we disregard it. Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Why not do it now? Our lives are short and if we keep telling ourselves “later” we might never get the chance to do it at all.

Also just because it’s summer or maybe it’s not summer doesn’t mean you have to wait for something to get started. Because in reality why not start now? The best thing to do is to look up from your phones or stand up from your seats and get started with something you’ve always wanted to do! You don’t have to conform to the world or wait for yourself to stop being lazy, cause you never will. So start now! Life Tips #17

Know that everyday is a new day to start your life fresh. Just because something is holding you back in the past doesn’t mean you should let it. Stand up and do something for yourself. Pick yourself up and face this world and live in a way you won’t regret it in the future because you manage to do something. Instead of failing to do it now and regret the fact you failed to do it someday. So start now, never later.

Know that life is hard yes, and change isn’t always instant. So persevere and just keep trudging through life. God’s grace will keep you content and keep moving forward. That’s something you always have to remember. If you fail to perceive your goal you’ll just wander around aimlessly. So keep God in the center and everything else will follow through. Just believe and let your thoughts manifest into actions. You’ll make it, I know I believe in you, and God does too :”)


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