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Getting noticed by a YouTuber? | The Impact You Make On An individual | Nadine Felice

So lately I’ve been watching a lot of Christian Vloggers. Janina Vela, Kali Vidanes, Nate Punzalan, Nadine Felice and many more.  I’ve been more inclined to looking into the lives of these people because the feel of how genuine their content is greater than Vloggers like Caspar Lee, Joseph Sugg, Tyler Oakley and others. I’m not hating on them or anything. Anyways that’s not the point of this article.

The thing about those Vloggers like Nadine Felice is how God Centered their content is. Being a Christian this made me happy knowing that there are people posting their content mainly to inspire and for others to know more about God and how God works in their daily lives instead of uploading just to get their names out there.

You can just say that their just talking in front of that camera. Yes that’s true, but they speak life and the way they share their Godly perspective on the world is just so amazing. It’s heart-warming seeing things like that. Everyone starts somewhere, and what this article is mainly about is to tell you how much you can make an impact on an indivual, on a single number, on a single statistic.

I made this realization while I was typing an inspirational message as a way of telling this vlogger, Nadine Felice, how much God used her as an instrument to minister not only to me but to others and how God used her as a vessel to inspire us to become better children of God.

As I was typing my message I realized as I talked about how she inspired me, a single person and she was used to make change in another person’s life. That’s the biggest takeaway here, may you be a Blogger, YouTuber, or a youth leader. It doesn’t matter about how many views, readers or disciples you make. Amazingly Nadine Felice didn’t Nadine Felice Facebooksnub my message and actually replied, speaking even more words of encouragement.

All Glory really goes to God as she never forgets to humble herself and knows that everything is really because of God. That the glory no matter who does the deed goes to God because God only uses us to make a change in the life of the people around us.  It’s our choice if we’d he’d God’s call and become a blessing in the life of others.

Yes you could say it could matter, but that shouldn’t be our focus. The focus shouldn’t be on the quantity of people we have ministering. What truly matters is the impact you make on an individual person. The impact you can make in the life of that “1 View” Everyone starts somewhere. If God can use you to make a change in the life of that “1 View” Then who know, God might bless you with even more! It’s written in Luke 16:10

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

If you can be genuine and your content comes from the heart and you have God in sight, then don’t be anxious. Because what matters is that single view, the life of that single view. Just keep pursuing and keep God as the center and everything else will fall into place. You are an instrument of God and He will use you to inspire others. Just continue to be steadfast in your faith and know that he is in control.

Link to Nadine’s YouTube account ►►


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