Life Lessons

When In Doubt Say No

Whether your a Christian or not I’m not you’ve probably felt being indecisive. Maybe you have friends trying to persuade you to do this, or maybe you’re out with money and want to buy this; but you feel like Do I really want to buy this?

It’s natural for us to feel this way yes. In reality though the impact these feelings have in our lives is greater than what we can see. Sometimes we can feel that it’s probably not a good Idea to push through with these things, hence our indecisiveness. There’s something in the back of your heart either saying yes or saying no while another part of you is saying the opposite.

We tend to give in to these temptations though and in the end we usually face consequences for what we did despite the fact that we already know that we’re about to do something which might not be good. Let’s say you finally give in to your friends and come with them and because of that you went home way too late and now your parents are angry at you.

Whatever the situation might be we’ve all had that gut feeling knowing what’s right and wrong and despite you knowing what you have to do, you still fails to do so.

Our life coach once told us before when In doubt say no. Usually this removes any risk that you might do something wrong. Because at this point with your indecisiveness, you become more vulnerable to doing something wrong. You become more vulnerable to false ideas and you tend to compromise yourself because of this indecisiveness.

1 Peter 5:8 says this

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

When you’re indecisive you are slowly giving in to vulnerability and people can take advantage of this. When they do you’re going to be pressured even more knowing that in the back of your mind you might be doing something wrong. People are just waiting for other people to vulnerable, when they see one that’s like that they strike.

I’m not saying that no will always be the only option when indecisive. Sometimes we have to use wisdom and discernment to do what’s right. Without there isn’t any true learning we’d get from what we’re doing. Just keep your heart in check and seek the wisdom of God and let the holy spirit move in us to help us with our decisions.


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