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Our school is so Hot? – MPCA | The Life of An Ambivert

So what is up guys! It’s me Albert, and summer has finally drawn to a close. It feels like it was only yesterday when I finished Junior High. Summer passed by really quick and It had it’s great moments. Every moment felt like eternity but now, sitting here typing this everything was a blur. A beautiful blur with memories that seems far from reality.

I was really excited to go back to school, to learn, to meet new people and to inspire a new community into pushing themselves to how far they can go. As well as to build myself up. I know I can use this place as a medium to do something great, and I believe others can reach that potential too.

So I started this day actually by staying up all night (Great way to start the year off *Sarcasm) I wanted to reach Platinum in League of Legends before classes started and by God’s grace I did. At 5 am I took a shower to wake myself up got dressed and ate my breakfast. The next thing I knew, I was about to face the world one more time! This time I’m ready. I won’t waste my time like I did in Junior High, this time I have a game plan, and this time I know how far I can go and I’ll even stretch out even farther.

I walked to School, enticed to see our place in a different perspective and by 30 minutes I got there. I waited in 7/11 for a friend of mine and he got there a little bit later than I expected. I can’t stand in alone. I needed a jump start, people needs a push once in a while and here I needed mine. I got the push I needed and I was confident that this school year will be great.


Despite these positive mindsets I have to be transparent with you guys. This school hasn’t met my expectations and standards yet. It has sub-par facilities that when compared to the senior high offered by my old school makes it look like a low class public school. The reason being is that the walls aren’t painted yet, the air conditioner hasn’t been installed and the wash room is even worse than a public school has to offer. Yes it’s the start of the school year and it will get better soon, but like seriously summer has come and passed and they haven’t done anything to make the school feel polished for the first day of classes!

What I find even worse about the school is how it seems like the teachers and staff were just quickly hired. We have this teacher who doesn’t even know the strands offered by the school. We were told that the orientation was the first day, and the professor that talked to us asked mid way “When is your orientation” I mean like seriously. You work here you should know that. She doesn’t even know the school policies yet. Why didn’t the school take time to orient the teachers during the summer. We had to wait 2-3 hours in our classroom, blazing hot with a single fan as the a/c isn’t installed yet because A.) The staff came in a little late and B.) They just talked to the staff now. I understand that senior high school is new and all, but this is a private school, the standards for teachers and facilities should be set higher than other schools. Public schools are more competent than this.

Of course ranting aside this is just my first impression of the school. It’s bound to improve through time, I hope. They should at least work hard to honor the name of the school. They’re just making it harder for themselves in the long run. With that I don’t believe that this would be the last time I’m going to rant about the school. I’m certain that this year will be home to many disappointments. I’m here now though. So the best I can do is to cut the losses and do what I can to use this place to improve.

As for now? I don’t recommend anyone looking for a private school to study here for a while.


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