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Moved to a Different Section? – MPCA | The Life of An Ambivert

So what is up guys! It’s me Albert and another day of school has passed by. I have to say it’s getting more and more interesting. It’s still the same facilities the only difference is that the air conditioning is finally installed in each room so it’s no longer as hot as it was yesterday. It’s still hot though. I’ve talked to the staff and figured out that one of the main reasons why everything is in chaos was because they only hired the teachers last week. I would rant again as I did yesterday but today was so much better than yesterday.

Today I decided to commute all the way to school. It was a really bad Idea though. It was harder to ride to school than it is to walk, the traffic just takes to long to flow and I got there 30 minutes later than I did yesterday. I guess I’ll just walk to school then. I have to wake up earlier if I want to ride to school and still get there on time. I didn’t like the idea of it so I guess I’ll just walk? Either way I got to school at 7am right on time.

The professors didn’t start teaching until it was 9pm though. We figured that out after we went out to stay in 7/11 at 8:30. We came back at around 9:30. Two of us were on room 6 and the other 2 was on room 2 and one of us were on room 1. Those who were in room 2 got our bags out and stayed in the room. All the rooms had their professors already except room 5 so we decided to sit in room 5 instead. Then when their professor came we sat in with them instead.

At around 12 talked to one of the school admins and told her to place us in one section instead. She was super kind and have the 5 of us classmates in section M2. One thing that really balances things out is how kind the teachers here are. During math time was so fun as the teacher really knew how to get along with the students and the jokes. No amount of bad facilities can deny the fact that a great teacher is a great teacher. I believe that the legacy someone makes as a teacher isn’t defined by how much they teach, but instead how much they can impart in the hearts of the students.

So despite all my ranting yesterday. This day makes up for all of that and I’m happy to say that despite the lack of days the school had to prepare, they managed to find some good teachers.


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