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So Much Sugar! | The Life of an Ambivert

So hey guys! How are you all doing today? Me, I woke up with a dry throat and my whole body was aching Haha. It wasn’t for nothing though, last night was just a blast and I ate so much sugar! As in I don’t know how much sugar I had inside me but I had a really strong sugar rush last night and that didn’t really do good for my body. In my defense I haven’t allowed my body something like that in a very, very long time. So what went down last night?

Last night 3 of my friends: Kenshee, Mark and Ciena, performed over at Foodever 21 at East Rembo. I came over to support them and their gig and It was just a great night. As we got there we came across Hannah who was there to support them as well.

Photo by Hannah Tan

I really loved their performance and their skills as musicians really resonates through my ears. It’s amazing how far these people made with their talents and I’m pretty certain that they will get so far with what God has given them. I’d love to see and support them in their growth as musicians.

We really took the time to enjoy this event and the people we were with. Because of that we all got home really late, but before that more friends came. The reason why I had a sugar rush was because I ordered 2 Chocolate shakes and drank some of the shake my friend wasn’t able to finish. On top of that we had a bottle of Nutella a loaf of bread which was generously given to us. I also drank a bottle of soft drinks so yeah I had so much to eat.

From left to right: Cake?, Kuya Joseph, Hannah, Joel, Ciena, PJ, Lucky, Me (The one standing up), Mark, and Kenshee

We were also accompanied by 2 dogs in our stay that night who were really big, sweet, and kind.

On the left is a picture of our group. These people are really amazing people and together made an impact on each others lives and the lives of others. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned them in my writings, so this is a first. These people really helped me with my walk in God and I can’t stress how I’m blessed to have met these guys.

After so long we decided to pack up at around 11 where we had our infamous Victory Good bye! That’s when we say good bye but don’t actually leave yet for 10-30 minutes. Anyways to finish this great day we went home and I had a really fruitful talk with Ciena on how blessed all of us are with the talents we’re given and that we should be happy with whatever we faced in life because without those we wouldn’t be who we are right now. I’m just really happy because I’ve been craving for something like this ever since classes started.



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