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My UNASHAMED 2017 Experience | The Life of An Ambivert

13,000 students, 768 campuses, 33 nations, 1 GOD

From August 2 to August 4 our church held a campus conference, Unashamed, at the Mall of Asia arena. This was my first time to attend a full on campus conference which spanned 3 days. The only campus conference I attended before was last year’s “One Conference” where students came together at the Philippine Sports Complex for an unforgettable experience.

Over the course of the 3 days besides experiencing the feeling of getting home at 12am and waking up 6 in the morning to commute 14+ kilometers and back heading face to face with traffic. I also experienced the amazing feeling to see 13,000+ people from different nations, campuses and testimonies to converge in for one event and one God.

Despite this being my first time I felt the call to volunteer and help with the event. Besides standing with my friends to praise and worship God, I also stood in the back line to help make sure everything flowed conveniently for the delegates. This is where I met great leaders who helped me as I volunteered.

The days were filled with Physical stress, which was greatly overcome by the overflow of the heart and the willingness of the spirit and of course, God’s grace. That despite all the strain, we were able to overcome it all and finished strong.

One of my most favorite part about the conference the last speaker who talked about bringing God’s kingdom down into earth. Where if we want change in any areas of our lives then introduce Jesus and preach the Gospel to them.

Here are some photos showing insights the passion and hearts of the students to hear God’s call!

At the end of the day after all the fun and excitement, the day settled with me and my friends meeting up together since we were all seated far apart, to eat and bond, enjoying the fellowship God has blessed us with.


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