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100 Tula Para Kay Stella | The Bigger Picture | The Life of an Ambivert

“Hindi kailangang tumigil ang mundo mo, nang dahil sa hindi naging kayo.”

This movie was a real emotional rollercoaster of the lives of Fidel Lansangan and Stella Puno. Image result for 100 tula para kay stellaIt started out as a cute love story, barely scratching the lives of each character in the story. Then as the story progressed you could see more of the characters. The movie was so realistic that you can really relate to their stories. The themes portrayed in the movie mirrors the lives of so many people.

Introvert meets Extrovert.
The girl everybody wants to be but doesn’t notice it.
The misunderstood girl.
The person who doesn’t want to work hard and uses other people as shortcuts to their ambition.
Loving someone who loves you back, but is too afraid to say it.
and much more.

The movie did its best to make the viewers feel the connection between them and the characters. This made the viewers more attached to what’s happening to Stella and Fidel. But, like what Fidel said.

“Hindi naman pwede laging living in the moment”

Yes, because of how the movie is portrayed we’re there sitting down and living in the moment. Living in their moment, where all we can see is the hardships, tribulations and all. Because of this, we overlook the bigger picture set upon us.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The movie was so fast-paced that we wouldn’t really get to analyze each situation carefully. Everyone is so emotional about the part where the guy finally confesses after years of keeping it in and asks “Pwede pa ba” and to be rejected saying “Hindi na.” To make the scene even more emotional the girl said “Ilang salita ba kailangan mo, ha? ‘I like you’ ‘Gusto kita’ ‘Mahal kita’ Ba’t di mo sinabi?”
By this time it was too late since the girl was already married.

But let’s go back. Maybe they really weren’t meant for each other. Maybe the girl was just there, for one chapter, to help the guy pave a way into a better future. Fidel was an introvert, he was so afraid of the world, he was limp, had this speech defect where he could only say three words at a time before he starts to stutter.

Then he met this girl Stella, who despite all of these, inspired him. She told him “Kaya mo yan!” and much more. This sparked an interest in the heart of Fidel to make a change in his life. This inspired him to pursue what his passionate about. Unlike Stella who wanted everything done now, Fidel took the time to work hard. Because of this Fidel grew.

Taking the time to work hard.

How many of you here wanted something, but because of the frustration of wanting it now, you kept on failing? Maybe you wanted to learn to play the guitar, to draw, learn math or whatever. You kept taking shortcuts and realized that you didn’t have any foundations to work with so you get so frustrated that you try to do so many other things that you think might help you, but won’t.

Yes, Stella had a passion, she wanted to pursue her career. Doesn’t Fidel have one too? He did. The difference is that he didn’t skip the important things in his life. He finished his studies and now he’s successful in life. Fidel, even it said it.

“Wala namang problema sa gusto mo, sana lang ayusin mo pag aaral mo. Para kung may mangyari may fallback ka.”

Stella didn’t have a fallback. Because of this Stella’s life turned from super popular freshman to someone who has nothing.

It’s not really meant to be.

The thing is if Stella never left. Fidel might never have figured his passion since he would be living under the shadow of Stella. One of the big mistakes Fidel made was that he centered his life on Stella. Because of this when he found out that Stella got married he lost purpose for months. Because he placed his security on the wrong thing.

Fidel didn’t realize his worth and lost his purpose. He doesn’t realize though that he’s been living for years without Stella. Yes, the emotional attachment is there, but what’s beautiful about this tragic love story is that even if Fidel lost Stella, he did, however, find himself in the process. He even said it himself.

“People Change”

Now that I’m typing this, I realized that Fidel had the principles in the back of his mind. He just failed to apply it. This reflects how in real life even if we know what’s right, once we’re in a situation where we get so frustrated we lose sight of everything.

If the events didn’t happen the way it did though. He might have not been who he is right now. He might not be as happy as he is right now. He might not have even met Sol. The daughter of his teacher who was sent to rehab. Who Fidel directed his message “People Change” to.

If this didn’t happen he wouldn’t have turned his weaknesses into strengths. Maybe Stella was just there to impart something in the season Fidel is in and not really to stay forever. Maybe in his heart, but not in his life.

Realizing the worth of people around you.

Another thing that this movie reflected in the lives of the masses is how we overlook the worth of people around us because of our self-centered wants. Because of our unconditioned hearts to pursue the things we want we fail to see the people who truly care about us. Like in the moment where Stella’s sister, after leaving home for a day, didn’t scold her anymore but concerningly asked: “Kumain ka na ba?” This is so heart warming because I know that most of us, even me sometimes, overlook this small sentence which holds a great amount of love.

Stella, blinded by her passions, yes, tender in heart fell to the brokenness this world holds, or as of how my friend placed it into words.

“Stella, I cannot judge you because there are Socio-economic/cultural (Family and peers) and Psychological factors in your depressing situation. Though there are failures and regretful consequences in your decisions in life.” -Joseph Ramiscal

Vulnerability and Affirmation

Overall one of the biggest things that made the story flow the way it did was how vulnerable the characters were. Everyone had a story to tell and everyone was attached to the stories of one another, intertwined to make the illusion of fate and destiny of one another seem true. They wanted to believe something so that’s how they perceived it. The way Stella saw her family, the way Fidel saw his speech defect as a hindrance, and much more.

The only thing that broke mindsets was love and affirmation. The only time Stella wanted to stop using people was when Fidel showed his love and care for Stella by turning down the offer in Cubao. The only time Fidel stopped thinking of the weakness he has because of his speech defect was when Stella said that he can do it. Mirroring our lives, this shows how we too only stop doing the wrongs we do once someone shows their love for us, and we learn to accept and understand their love.


This movie might have wrong mindsets like rushing into love and much more like falling into vulnerabilities and all, but once we see behind the story and delve into the morals the story can bring it’s a great movie which portrays about the tragedies of life and love. It did show great manhood like how Fidel told Stella that he wouldn’t take advantage of her vulnerability. It showed commendable traits in places like consistency, priorities, values and so much more. We just really need to take the time to look at the film in a different perspective to see all the beauty of how the story flowed and built the lives of each character. Both big and small.


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